Monday, 9 January 2012

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Throughout my journey in Nepal, I witnessed and went past many people, including both Nepalis and foreign backpackers, who are making their dreams/hopes come true. Some of them are living in a situation which is comparatively difficult than mine but they were still trying to live the life which they wish to live. It wasn't all about being "successful", but finding much more satisfaction and appreciation in what they have.

I also had a feeling of gulit everytime I came back from the countries which are less developed than mine. I was always feeling coufused and trying to find how I should stand in my society after seeing many difficult situations in such countries although I was hardly making any effort to change something in my life, to my shame.

The trip in Nepal, however, has given me a hint for that question; I should simply appreciate the life and society I live in, not asking for too much of anything, but live the best of what I can with what I have. This may sound pretty ordinary but I feel that I finally understood it with true feeling for the first time.




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